Our Mission

Simplifying home improvements by bringing together homeowners and reliable home professionals.

Our Values
  • Collaboration

    Work together by helping each other and mutually resolving any challenges.

  • Creativity

    Think of new and better ways of doing what we love to do.

  • Integrity

    Be professional and ethical at all times.

  • Respect

    Listen actively to our clients and seek to understand first.

Helping you to maintain and improve your home

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2 Visualize

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3 Transform

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4 Live & Love

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Our Story

We all dream of living in a perfect house - a house we can call home, and a home where life happens. Maintaining a home takes a lot of time and effort, including timely repairs, renovations and significant improvements. Think about home improvement and the questions that come to your mind. Where do I start and where do I get inspiration? How do I find the right home improvement professionals who can make my dream home a reality?

The inspiration for this idea came from the same experiences that other homeowners go through. When dealing with their home improvement needs, founders Rima Awasthi and Bianca Marijan felt this process to be very stressful and arduous. They met at a house warming party for a mutual friend and quickly bonded over sharing their experiences and challenges involved in maintaining and improving their home. And then eureka, answering the questions “where to find this information and where is the great home professional” is such a huge service that can benefit both -homeowners and home professionals. QuickZipp was built with the goal to help homeowners from start to finish; to inspire them to make their home a place that they love and to help them make informed decisions when hiring the home improvement professionals.

Whether you are looking for normal upkeep of your home or thinking about remodeling, renovating or improving, QuickZipp network is there to help you find all the resources and information you need to get started. From gathering design ideas to finding the right home professional to work on your home design ideas, QuickZipp has it covered. Home is that special place where your lifetime moments are created. Celebrate your home and feel nostalgic about the aha moments, not about the times spent dealing with hassles in making a home you love. It takes a lot to convert your house into a home; let us embark on this journey together and so you can cherish the memories of the home you love.

Welcome to QuickZipp!

For the home you love

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